The Bourne Enigma
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The Bourne Enigma is listed at a Top Pick at Barnes & Noble - The Bourne Enigma has been selected by Barnes & Noble as a Top Pick in New Releases. View the picks here.
New Interview on My Favorite Bourne Book to Write, and More - I recently spoke with bookseller WH Smith: Eric Van Lustbader: An Interview on The Jason Bourne Series Eric Van Lustbader is back with the thirteenth novel in the Jason Bourne series – The Bourne Enigma. Van Lustbader has been continuing Robert Ludlum’s original trilogy since 2004 ... Read more
Welcome, Loyal Readers, Fans, and Newbie Browsers! - As you can see, we’ve launched a BRAND-NEW Web site. It’s clean, modern, easy and fun to navigate and, best of all, it’s MOBILE FRIENDLY. This new design has been a long time in the making, so I hope you like it and, most of ... Read more